Investors Needed for Municipal Solid Waste Project to Generate Power

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This investment project is for using municipal solid waste (biodegradable) to generate power and sell it to the government. We want to serve the city be clean.

Our business idea is to make the city cleaner and wealthier. Investor is needed with $1400, 000USD approximately or Rs 7crores.

The investment payback period is five to seven years. The investment will be secured on 100%.The Investor also beneficiary for carbon credits & MNRE Subsidy part. The income from this investment will be tax beneficial. Company intends to convert the waste to wealth in terms of generating power as well as saving the greenhouse gas generation. Company targets to generate fair amount of money from the carbon credits.

Requirement of power is necessary for all aspects of development. Our country is facing major problems and falls short of power. All the permissions on the project are completed. Municipal solid waste (biodegradable) letters from the municipalities from Guntur, Tenali, and Ponnur are received for collection. Civil work has to be going on the project &machinery procurement is under process.

If you invest with us you can benefit in 3 different ways: Profit, tax benefit, and national level image. The reason for the latter is that you will be contributing to make the environment in the country pollution free.

Additional benefit is that we can sell our by-product as a bio fertilizer for agriculture purposes. The demand for the product on the market is huge.

Interested investors can establish contact with us on Merar.

Use of financing

We need funds for civil work of land, building, purchase of machinery purpose.

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