Indian Company Looking for Investment to Start up a Solar Power Plant

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

India has rich source of solar radiation. Our company established with an objective to generate and supply power from Solar PV sources of energy.

We are a Private Limited enterprise established with an objective to generate and supply power from Solar PV sources of energy.
India needs renewable energy sources of energy for overall economic development of the country.

Andhra Pradesh seems to be an obvious choice for setting up power generating plants. Andhra Pradesh state has invited EOI from the interested parties for setting up of solar PV plants which is the only source to supply of shortage power under government Bidding or 3rd Party PPA through REC mechanism.

Our enterprise is setting up 1 MW Solar PV Based power plant under REC mechanism by selling the generated power through 3rd Party Sale under a long Term PPA with MNC Company or well established local company.
The project cost has been estimated as USD1.6 million. The project is proposed to be funded with investment of USD 1.2 million and equity component of USD 0.4 million.

The term loan is repayable over 120 instalments after providing for construction period of 6 months and moratorium period of 3 months from COD.

Competitive Advantage

Rapid industrialization and increase in commercial and domestic use of electricity are the main reasons for increase in power consumption in the country at large. In addition, the government policies like rural electrification, electricity to all by 2012, development of irrigation sector and minimum target of per capita consumption of 1000 units/year are also contributing in increasing the future power demand. To meet the above requirements, the additions in the power generation capacity would have to match with the future power demands. The 17th Electric power survey report by CEA provides a quantitative forecast of the future demands and planned/required capacity additions.

Since it is proposed to sell the electricity through a trading firm by utilizing open-access system which is going to be the order of the day in the near future, it is considered pertinent to study the supply demand gap of electricity at the national level instead of merely at state level.

Opportunity for the investor

We will assure that the investor will get at 4-5% of interest per year.

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