Development of a Biomass Briquettes Plant Investment Opportunity

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our Pvt Ltd Corporation is a registered firm under the Companies Act and is offering private equity to investors who are looking for good ROI.

The project is related Bio Energy. Under this project the company will be producing Bio Mass Briquettes fuel which is also know as white coal in the industry. It is uesed as a replica of coal. The Fuel is produced from agro waste and on burning it does not create polloution.

Bio-mass briquetting plant is designed and manufactured to process agro waste, forestry waste and industrial waste and turn them into Bio-Mass Briquettes. The machines are designed and engineered upon the properties and profile of the raw material to be processed, which is readily available in the region where the plant is going to be installed.

Given the huge availability of agro waste across the world, there are many installations are designed to process agro waste. The unique future of the bio-mass briquetting plant is however that it runs without binding or chemicals. The machine binds the raw material by high pressure and heating. It does not require any external heating source hence the technology of this plant is known as binder less technology.

Besides being cheaper alternative for conventional fuels, what makes its future brighter is the easier availability of agro waste in ample quantity. With the rising awareness and demand for bio-mass briquettes, more and more industries across the sectors are waking up to its benefits. More importantly, the various Governments also have realized its significance as a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to conventional source of fuels and energies. Governments are sparing no efforts to promote bio-mass briquettes by way of slew of tax benefits and financial incentives to boost the usage of bio-briquettes as alternate source of renewable energy.

Let’s look at some distinguished benefits of bio-mass briquetting plants. The speedy viability of the project within a time frame of two years makes it more investment friendly.

• Rising demand due to rising cost of fossil fuel.
• Renewable source of fuel and energy.
• Tax benefits and incentives.
• Earlier viability.
• Relaxed rules.
• Pollution free because there is no sulphur content.
• Easy mobility and transportation.
• Contain high density.

The Bio-Mass Briquette is the ideal fuel:
• Eco friendly and Renewable Energy Fuel
• Economical and Cheaper than other solid fuels i.e. Coal and Wood
• Higher Thermal calorific value around 4000 Kcal/Kg
• Pollution free because there is no sulphur or any hazardous materials.
• Lower ash content 2 to 5%. There is no fly ash when burnt
• Consistent high burning efficiency due to the low moisture
• Contain High Density and Higher Fix Carbon Value
• Easy for Transportation, feeding & combustion due to unique shape
• Combustion is more uniform compared to other fuels.
• Good Market due to rise in price of Fossil Fuels

Agro Waste briquettes have benefits over coal like:
• Easy handling, packing and transportation of briquettes can be made in any conventional length and diameter
• Low ash content below 10% in comparison to coal 25 to 40% resulting in less boiler ash disposal problems
• Regular supply of briquettes do not suffer from transportation bottle necks as the plant can be set up near raw areas
• There will be no corrosion effect on boiler equipment resulting in negligible maintenance cost. Coal on the other hand produces sulphur dioxide, which on mixing with moisture produces sulphuric acid an corrosive acid
• It has low ignition point, when compared to coal.
• It gives sustained combustion and more efficient combustion than loose agro wastes
• It is a clean fuel
• No gas and effluents like coal. So no health hazards
• Easy Handling compared to loose husk and fire wood. Can be mixed with coal and fire wood of inferior quality which improves burning
• Briquettes are Cheaper than coal

Competitive Advantage

Attractiveness of the project:

• High Profitability
• Excellent Growth potentiality
• Ready Market
• Wide variety and easy availability of agro waste from various crops
• Quick revenue generation and returns
• Employment potentiality
• Conversion of natural resources (wastage) into hi-tech energy & maintenance of ecological balance

Government incentives:

The Indian Government has offered various incentives for implementation of the Briquetting Plants. Some of the highlights of the incentives offered by the Indian Government for Briquetting Plants.
• 100% income tax free for the First five years
• A subsidy of 35% on the cost of the plant is provided by the Government
• 80% depreciation on Capital cost in the First years itself
• No Requirement of NOC from State pollution Boards

Rationale for the deal

In India the business is active up to 5 – 6 % in all the states except Gujarat, Still there is no awareness of the project in Gujarat. The best buyer of the fuel is Pharmaceutical Industries, Agro Industries and Paper Industries as it is compulsory for them to use this fuel. Thus there are few plant which are working in Gujarat which are managing to fulfill the need of the market in Gujarat. There are several industries where the fuel can be used as per the calorific value of the raw materials. This awareness has not yet been introduced. We can capture the existing units as well as other industries like.
• Gasifier System applications
• Refractory Industries
• Chemical Industries
• Vegetable Plants
• Leather Industries
• Milk Plant
• Spinning Mill
• Rubber Industries
• Textile Units
• Dyeing Units
• Brick making units
• Ceramic Industries
• Solvent Extraction Plant
• Food Processing Industries
• Lamination Industries
• Any Industrial Thermal Applications

Use of financing

The cost of machinery with complete assembling and transportation from Rajkot is about INR 16,00,000.00 per machine
Therefore as per our calculation for 4 machines
Total cost of machine x No of machines
16,00,000 x 4 = INR 64,00,000.00 ( Sixty Four lacks only)

We require 1 Tractor for the drying of Raw materials: INR 5,00,000.00
The price of crusher for breaking raw materials into required small pieces is: INR 4,00,000.00
Construction of Shade, Store room 1, Store room 2 , factory office area: INR 25,00,000.00
Office Space in City: up to INR 50,00,000.00
Office construction: Upto INR 10,00,000.00
For raw materials Turnover: INR 2,00,00,000.00
Expenses for 1 year: 1,00,00,000.00

Opportunity for the investor

Our Pvt Ltd Corporation is a registered firm under the Companies Act and is offering private equity to investors who are looking for good ROI. We are looking for a long term relationship with the investors. Our company is having a business plan of a broad scope and there are 12 other business projects which the company is looking forward to place in the industy under the same banner. Complete description and details can be provided in a personal meeting

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