Investment is Required for Granite Mining Business in India

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Energy, Natural Resources, Mining
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Years in operations: 4, Employees: 100
  • Investment size: $20,000 / min. $20,000
  • ROI: 100% in 50 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Investment opportunity with good market and funding purpose for granite mining. The offering to investors can be mutually discussed.

I am into Mining field since 2010, having some Granite mines with vast deposit of granite stones naturally formed which are worth of crores as per mining industry and its records. For analyzing its quality and market demand the area is being scrutinized to a range of G3 level according mining sector. In trial mining, some granite stone blocks was produced for quality checking and the quality found is very high grade and premium.

During the G3 level mining overburdens & weathering effects are removed for easy in production. Now, in the beginning stage itself we can easily produce 200 cubic metres of granite stone blocks which will increase on regular production. After completing those process some of the granite mines are being filed for leasing as first person as first applicant.

Seeking investment for leasing only and after leasing, as a lease holder we will raise funds in advance from the Buyers with the existing granite blocks in leased mines or involve granite Mining Company on Subcontracting basis with Terms & Conditions applied. The Mining Company will take care of extraction and export of granite blocks from the mines. Later, with the profit earned on Subcontract we can do mining directly with 100% profit shared.

Now, if any investor (please no middlemen) interested with the above long term business contact us.

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