Iron Ore Exports from India to China

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are iron ore suppliers to exporters, willing to start exporting on our own. We have confirmed orders with irrevocable letter of credits from prime Indian banks. Besides, the iron ore prices are increasing since last week, and we are don't have any credit facilities with our banks.

We want to export iron ore fines to China and we are having confirmed orders worth of Rs/- 46 crores from exporters. They will provide letter of credits from prime banks of India.

The cash payback period is not more than 60 days from payment receipt date.

Return of investment will be approximately 6 to 7% after all expenses and taxes.

The demand for the product is very high, therefore the business will get more profits compared to other businesses.

The investor will become memeber of our board and will have sufficient security for his investment in our company.

We have full demand for our product, which we will sell to exporters. The orders are confirmed and the materia lprocurment is started. The total worth of order is approximately Rs/- 46 crores, and the funding required is approximately $3000000 US dollars.

Competitive Advantage

There are very few big players in the market. We are having experience in the field, and we have the following advantage: for us it is easy to procure the material from our own sources, whereas to our competitors this represents a difficulty because they may not have much contact with mine owners directly.

Use of financing

We require approximately $3000000 US dollars to procure iron ore fines from mines.

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