Self-Charging Renewable Energy Generation System to Enter the Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have developed a system that starts with a small power source but does not require conventional batteries or external power input like wind, solar or hydro.

We are developing a new over unity energy device (OED).

Unlike the conventional batteries our device is charged much quickly and can store power for a very long time. It can be recharged thousands of times and yet functions exceptionally well. It is a synchronized system to generate power / electricity without using any power input from the grid.

The major characteristics of the new device are as follows:
1. Built from eco-friendly material, and thus strong durable and long lasting,
2. Only 4 major parts
3. Portable and easy to install.
3. Easy to repair, replace and/or maintain.
4. No batteries - a high tech power storage system that can be charged and recharged thousands of times, if damaged easy and cheap to replace.
5. A self-charging system that power itself without any external power input.
6. Does NOT rely on wind, water or solar power or any other power source from the power grid.

Currently, we are working on different portable prototypes. For further information on payback and other product related information kindly contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Since the only affordable renewable energy systems are based on Solar and Wind our product will divert the luxury to requirement.

Our system is not dependent on a specific ratio or wind or water flow, and works perfectly fine without sunlight.

We are working on several different versions of the product, so even competitors try to replicate it they will be replicating only the old technology and not the new one.

Rationale for the deal

Since there is no one apart from us in the market that is working on a power generation devices using only 4 stages / parts to generate consistent energy, we do not have any direct competition.

The most affordable renewable technology is solar and in comparison to it our unit will be a bit expensive. However, it is worth every penny for any customer segment and can get the customer amount reimbursed via saving in only 2 years.

Every fortune 500 company is turning eco-friendly and reducing its carbon foot prints. So far $437 billion have been invested in renewable energy systems and upcoming technologies. Big corporations are searching for something that is not yet in the market and can get their hands on it.

Our team has been working on such projects during the past 3 years and has only built prototypes. We need assistance from an experienced counterpart to grow.

Use of financing

Our requirement is to build parts in-house and make the unit at an affordable price.

This is the perfect timing for such an opportunity as a booming trend to invest in renewable energy systems is about to enter the market. We will not only be making some profit from our various systems but will also be playing a major role in reducing carbon footprints.

Our expenses structure is divided in 3 areas: Invention – Manufacturing - Sale

Opportunity for the investor

Our first round investment requirement amounts $20000 - $50000, which will be used for initial manufacturing and presentation of various prototypes.

We are searching for a hands-on investor with expertise to share about market trends, ways to adjust the product to better fulfil customer needs and sales purposes, marketing strategy, future expansion & new product line-up.

Desired instalments re-pay system will start after 3 months of initial investment.

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