Solar Equipment Sales and Installation Services in Bangalore

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our aim is to sell imported Solar products and install them to an up-scale market in Bangalore; create awareness and market further sales.

The product we are offering is Solar equipment that the customer would purchase and the services are initial site survey, installation and maintenance.

The audience looking for Solar panels to reduce their electricity cost is niche and highly-converting. Apart from the common equipment available already, ours will be imported ones that are smaller and more efficient. The initial investment is high for the customer, however the long-term ROI would cover the cost, and potentially bring in passive income.

Revenue Generation Model:
The revenue will be through successful installations and cash flow will be immediate. A CRM application that is completely transparent with all transactions will be set and legally managed. I am open to any convenient form of revenue sharing that the lender prefers.

Project Justification:
Advantages to the customer -
1) Save on bills paid for power consumption of the entire household or commercial building.
2) The excess Watts generated by the Solar equipment can be sent back into the grid. The Government might pay for this under certain conditions. This would bring in long term passive income.
3) Contribute to a greener environment.
4) Get free rewards for referring another customer who closes a sale.
5) Involve in a noble cause, where part of the profits would be used to set up free panels in Government hospitals, schools and police stations.

Progress on the Project:
I have identified some international manufacturers and requested for a quote. If they do not ship to India, then we might have to work with local suppliers initially. Yet funding is needed to set up company and website.

Project timeline and key milestones:
We can setup and confirm the first order within a week. Here is a brief breakdown:
1) Use firms like to register a Private Limited Company and other legal formalities that are required from a new company.
2) Setup a high-quality website, complete with images, blogs, articles and other useful information.
3) Launch an online marketing campaign with Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
4) Launch offline promotional campaigns to spread awareness and market the products.
5) Hire an experienced law firm to research and negotiate Government subsidies for the supplier and the customer.
6) Start installations and create customer profiles to maintain long term relationships, collect feedback and research.

Funding Needs:
Set up company, source equipment and hire team to install. Increase number of orders through effective marketing.

As the sales improve, there could be additional monthly payments to settle faster. ROI is definitive and has potential for huge profits.

Competitive Advantage

Direct and Indirect Competitors - There are already companies who sell and service Solar equipment. However, with effective marketing and awareness-building initiatives, we can cater to the increasing demand of the urban market.

How am I Different - I will offer high-quality equipment with excellent services. The existing companies are not effectively marketing to interested crowd (such as online searchers) and convertible crowd (a MNC employee who does not mind investment, when the benefits are explained).
The profits will fund other innovative projects such as free installation in Government buildings and starting a Solar power plant based on reflective technology. The Indian Government is keen on building such alternate power sources and has special schemes as well.

Advantage Sustainability:
The success can be repeated by competitors if they market it smartly. The increasing number of buildings in Bangalore and the high-spending corporate culture will appreciate savings in electricity bills if advertised based on their unique situation. If we can also help them to earn passive income by sending excess power to the grid, this will help more word-of-mouth marketing.

Rationale for the deal

Upscale market and real estate boom in the city is very open to green technology. Apart from residential installations, we could also branch out into corporate deals since most MNCs are already involved in green initiatives. There is a large demand for more powerful Solar equipment that is not available in India.

Sell the Solar panels and other accessories. Imported inverters that can serve as an energy back-up are always in demand.

Other Players:
No other company in India markets products such as those available here:

I have helped an NGO install Solar panels in Rural areas of Karnataka, India. This is funded and the product/service is free. My idea is to sell quality equipment to a niche audience, that is high-spending.

Use of financing

Funding needs:
I need funds to set up the website, register the company and pay for the clicks received in the online marketing campaign. To experiment, we can subcontract the installations to local companies.

End Vision: Start a eco-friendly company that offers imported Solar equipment and installed without any hassles. The service team would be trained, certified and very friendly. A project manager would accompany the team of electricians to supervise and to answer questions.

Rounds of Financing:
After proven success using local suppliers, more funds are required to import quality equipment and advertise them. International shipping, warehouse, dedicated team of engineers, experienced staff, website, law firms and other such requirements need additional funds.

Opportunity for the investor

Advantages to the lender:
1) Huge potential for profits and expansion. Can utilize existing Government subsidies and other schemes. Increasing demand for the product if pitched clearly.
2) From the first sale of the equipment, the revenue can be shared immediately. Entire process can be managed through a professional website and supervised by lawyers. Get back your investment sooner than you realize.
3) Outsourced tax consultants, lawyers and freelancers with clear invoices and project updates. Completely automated and professionally maintained.
4) No need for any hands-on. Investor will get regular updates on the progress. If required, my lawyers can work with your law firm. Every process will be automated and transparent.
5) Be a part of a unique green initiative that is encouraged by the Government. Help people save money and possibly generate passive income.

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