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Investment Opportunity

The investment project is manufacturing of solar single and dual-axis solartraking dirve systems work within the entire spectum of Photovoltaic, concentrating Photovoltaic. These product are vital to the entire solar market, not just an individual segment. The fund is required for manufacture, market and sell the product in indian and asian region.

Our patent-pending, revolutionary solar drive will forever change the economic landscape of the solar power industry. we estimate that for a $400 million dollar facility we can reduce capital costs by 25%, thery by producing roughly $100 million in saving. This advantage will aoolw our investor in the region to gain a competitive cost and efficiency advantage over all other solar/desalination sonstruction firms competing for same project. moreover it enables our investor to expand beyond its own build capabilities to sell this technology for use in other solar project at a healthy profit margin with this unique capabilitity our investor become one of, if not the leading solar power co. in india.

We are indifferent as to which new solar power technology a defeloper choosees to deploy we belive our technology produces the highest gains in dfficiency and improved economics for established proven solar power technologies ata cost substantially lower than incumbent traking systems. with an expected gorss margin of 40% on our products, our investor is expected to establish a manufacturing base in the region to better service its customers.

Huge devoloping solar power industry is our target market. we believe our porducts constitute a new breakthrough insolar power technology that will in turn create a multibillion dollar enterprise in india.

the national solar mission calls for a goal of 20 GW of solar eneryg capacity for india by 2022 and 100GW by2030. our conservative view shows that the region could easuily add 5000 MW of total solar generating capacity by 2020, during that time we forcasts total sales for our investor in excess of $8.5 billion dollors with $2.5 billion profits.

This new technology to establish in india. and we have experianced technocrate from usa in our team.
The office is situated at baroda

If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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