Solar Power Investment Project in the State of Gujarat

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I want to start business in the solar power industry in India. I will start a solar power plant in Gujarat and sell the energy directly to the local government.

Product: Solar Power Generation

Unit cost: INR11.25/Kwhr for 12 years & INR7.50/Kwhr for 13 years

Target Market: Gujarat state (India)

Opportunity for the investor:

Eligibility criteria: Turnover of 200000 USD

Investment: 2000000 US dollars to install 1MW solar power plant.This investment includes price of land,equipment and plant commissioning expanses.

ROI: Indian bank will provide loan up to 70% on investment amount @ 13% interest rate.

Payback period: 6 to 7 years considering that you are adopting a bank loan otherwise it will take 2 to 3 years.

Competitive Advantage

1) It is much more beneficial for the investor to invest in solar power particularly in the state of Gujarat state as compared to other regions of India.

2) The Gujarat government is signing a contract with us to purchase power from us for 25 years. So, this is the safest possible investment as Gujarat government is our direct customer.

Opportunity for the investor

1) Net Profit: 325000 US dollars per year
2) Carbon credit which is 13 EURO/CDM
3) For the first 10years there will be no goverment tax on our earnings

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