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Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project idea is to bring all the solar products and the allied services under one roof.

I'm aiming to provide a platform for all the statkeholders of the industry, which will give a detailed knowledge to the end user with clarity. which will multiply the customers of the industry which is still not even active as the insurance industry of India.

I'm looking to launch an online platform where the solar products of multiple brands will be available. The ROI is expected to be around 24%.

Here are some industry/market-related factors that make this project so great:
- Vast gap in the industry
- Improvement in the lifestyle of the middle class families
- Support from bankers
- Availability of government subsidy to the end users

Provided the right timing of all business parameters, the project represents a viable opportunity to investors.

This should sell in the market as a vast gap in the industry.

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