Municipal Solid Waste Investment Project for Green Energy

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We aim to recycle the municipal solid waste to get the green energy. Funds needed for all the approvals and construction of plant.

We are a start up company our project details as follows and pls let me know your terms.

Land purchased 10- acre
Local approval will get we discuss with all the parties from local to central authorities
Supply of MSW as you know in INDIA there is huge Quantity is generating - 3600 tons day in GMCH ( authority Body ) and they are ready to give any company for recycle.
PPA discuss with TATA Power Company agreed - Due to heavy demand as per new regulation they need to buy from renewable energies
Technical Team having 25 + year experience
Contact Specialized EPC Services company as discuss and conform.
Gross Profit: 66.58%
Net Profit: 38.89%
Break Even Point: 42.15%
Cash Break Even Point : 26.19%
Debt Service Coverage Ration net : 2.64
IRR : 23.01%
Net IRR : 19.50 (with out CDM and other income)
ROI: 16.49%
ROE: 21.06
TATA is purchasing a lot like this throughout India from RE
PPA and MSW Supply will be : 30 year as we discussed
Total Project Cost : $16.5 M USD

If you are interested investors, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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