2D and 3D Animation Studio Start-Up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Indian Animation industry is still in its infancy. Not too many major studios have come up in the last few years. The whole industry depends on outsourced projects mostly from the US or Europe. It has long been felt that even with so much talent in the industry, India has not been able to bring in more projects due to the shortage of studios.

• Mastishk Studios will be a computer animation studio engaged in developing and producing animated feature films, short films, television series, game cinematics and CG-commercials.
• Mastishk Studios will primarily focus in providing services as well as co-production for Indian and global markets.
• Mastishk Studios Mission is to “Create, Evolve and Grow”
• Mastishk Studios Vision is to “Be the leading producer and provider of entertainment and media”
• Mastishk Studios Goal “To be a $100mn Company by 2020”
• Mastishk Studios to emulate “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound”
• Mastishk Studios Strengths will be its Values and Employees
• Mastishk Studios Competencies will be in the creative excellence the employees produce

Years of experience on working on various international projects by the team at Mastishk gives the edge of:
• Delivery of projects with quality output.
• Unique style of working methodology by following the production pipeline
• On time delivery
• Proprietary production pipeline
• In-depth understanding of production pipeline and delivery
• Clear Focus

ROI of 259.60% in reasonable scenario, 142.5% in Worst case scenario and 313.68% in desirable scenario.
35% equity will be offered for the full fund raised. Breakeven is month 30, cash flow positive from month 31.
Anticipated exit route is a trade sale (post 5 years) but options been kept open at present.

Investors showing interest can contact us at any time on Merar. Detailed investment presentation is available for download by registered investors.

Competitive Advantage

• Production ready experienced team
• Values
• Workplace environment
• State of the art technology

Rationale for the deal

• Indian E&M industry is projected to touch INR 1275 billion in 2015
• Increasing media penetration and per capita consumption
• Co-Production
• Consumer understanding
• Power of digitization
• Regionalization
• Licensing and merchandising

Use of financing

Initial level of investment is for infrastructure, hardware, software, salaries and operational costs for a team of 55.
A proper breakdown will be provided in the project report.

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