India's 7d Cinema Theatre Project Looking for Startup Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Picture of a 7D Cinema Capsule

Investment Opportunity

This project can be implemented in malls, big bazars, amusement parks, shopping roads. It provides a good opportunity to get return back and ensure continuous profit.


• 7D whole set cinema systems
• Over 80 7D movies
• Overseas installations offered
• Maintenance-free

The 7D cinema is the hottest product in the local market, and our company has the professional research and developing department to make it as attractive as possible.

Hydraulic system 7D cinema equipment:
This is a world where you can go through the veil of time, experience the intimate contact with the monsters, experience the terror confrontation with the devils, and overfly mountains and valleys, feeling the speed and passion.

It’s a most popular mini theatre, the chair system is hydraulic system with 6 seats together, adopted with all special effect like lighting, wind, snow, bubbles, rain, which give you a real feeling of the film.

Not only including a full set of equipment and full technical support, but also offer a very dynamic decoration design. We believe that it will become a new attractive point in your game center.

Product features:

The dynamic seats move according to the film story. The chairs move forward, backward, left, right, up and down, pitch, and swing according to what happens in the movie. It is pollution-free, safe and reliable. There are safe belt and armrest on it.

The seat material is a special antiseptic material, which can effectively kill several kinds of harmful bacteria.

The stereo sound system offers a real sound music from the movie.

The over-all structure is durable in use. The designed fixed number of year is 10 years.

The operating cost is low. The structure is easy to operate, and can save energy. It is convenient to transport and install.

Our company developed audio control vibrator independently. It is installed inside the seats, and there is no noise.

7D multi-channel surround sound system is designed and produced taking fully account of the stereoscopic motion pictures in 5D Cinema and can accurately locate objects in the motion, so that the sound is also stereo 7D film together to form a real three-dimensional sense of space, taking moviegoers to a simulative world.

Cinema Effect: Rain, wind, snow, bubble, flash/lighting, flame, fog, LED light
Chairs Effect: Water, leg sweep, vibration, face air

Chair Driver: Pneumatic system, hydraulic system, electric system
Sound system: Digital, system, digital system
Chair color: Red, blue, black, custom-made

You can enjoy the thrilling and exciting roller coaster without without any danger.

The prices quoted include the full supply of all goods, both of the equipment to set up a cinema and the service of training you to run the cinema. The prices are different because of the difference of the seats, other equipment are the same.

The equipment includes the Annular Metallic Projection screen, Projector, Three-dimensional Polarizer, 3D Glasses, 5D Cinema Control System, 5.1 Stereo Speakers System, 5D Dynamic Device, Broadcast Device, Wire, Adapter, MOVIES, and the most important part - 5D Dynamic Seat.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competition yet and we have the opportunity to become monopolists on the market.

I would like to start this in selected areas where I have confidence this project will get big success. I have plans to produce the product in very effective ways.

Rationale for the deal

We are into innovative product concept selling. I know well how to introduce innovative products in the market. I am working since 2004.

I am very confident that this project will be successful and will get higher profit than expected.

Use of financing

We will use financing for purchasing the equipment listed above.
We will take rental premises for open theatre on very low rate - below 10000 monthly.
We will use finance only for equipment which are our assets that will be used for years.
We can change location as per requirement and business expansion.

Opportunity for the investor

This is a big opportunity, especially given slackness in every other sector.
We can earn good profit on our investment daily without limit.
I have a ready plan on how to further process with the project. I’m envisaging Marketing and Advertising activities that will attract customers and ensure that the investment will be returned in a short period of time. For example, I’d use channels such as cable TV, newspapers, and booking agents.

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