Amazing Investment Opportunity in a Live Concert Property in India

Opportunity Snapshot

Rock Music - Live Event in India Seeking Investors The promise of this music event lies in becoming a household brand name emphatically embraced by Rock music lovers in India and abroad. Image courtesy of Amg2000, 2007, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We are running a new LIVE concert property in India, where the promise lies for this to become a household brand name for Rock music lovers in India and abroad.

The concert property is conceptualized by an upcoming Event Management company based in Bangalore, where the promise lies in becoming a household brand name emphatically embraced by Rock music lovers in India and abroad. The vision is for this concert to be an annual event and incrementally grow as gargantuan as international festivals such NH7 Weekender, Soundwave, etc.

The long-term outlook for this concert is to become an outdoor event. However, this year, Q4 2015, we are looking to organize the inaugural instance of this concert as an indoor event in Bangalore. If you as an investor do visualize that we could upgrade this inaugural instance as an outdoor event, we can definitely leverage on this opportunity, based on your investment and specific expected ROI.

• Location: Bangalore-All Day Event
• Target audience: 15 years and above

• Artists (including Premier Headlining Artist+Local Air travel): Approx. USD 4800
• Venue & Production costs (Including Stage, Audio/Video, Manpower, Security, Light): Approx. USD 3200
• Marketing & Affiliations: Approx. USD 1000
• Miscellaneous/Buffer: USD 1000
• Total Approximate Cost: USD 10000

The investment component will be recovered from prospective sponsors. At present several premium brands that we have engaged in discussion with have shown interest, and are willing to support us,once we have the artists agreement in place.

Keeping in mind this is a high profile concert premium brands have already shown interest and are willing to support us once we have the artist agreements in place.

Sponsorship Slabs for Investment recovery:
• Title Sponsor - Minimum 50% of the event cost.
• Gold Sponsor- Minimum 25% of the event cost
• Silver Sponsor-Minimum 15% of the event cost
• Bronze Sponsor-Minimum 10% of the event cost

Brands we are working with for sponsorships are:
Vodafone, MTS, Casio, Micromax,Samsung, UB group(Kingfisher), SAB Miller, Air Asia, Snapdeal, Monster Energy Drink, and many more significant other companies.

Use of financing

With proper sponsors we would be able to recover the actual investment by the time of the concert date, and if the marketing and promotions are promising, then we could as well make some profit right from the sponsorships even before the concert.

• Ticketing and Audience expected:
• Ticketed Audience: 500
• Free invites and complementary passes: 25

We would have online ticket sales as well as on ground sales for up to 30 days with dedicated and targeted marketing. Online ticketing partner

We would have a team setup to target corporates for bulk bookings for their clients, as is the norm.
The Ticket price will be approximately USD 11. USD 9 is the approximate average earning per ticket, post deduction, with regards to the entertainment tax being 10%.

The venue will support approximately 600 people. Hence, approximately the total tentative ticket earnings would be - USD 9 *500 people = USD 4500.In addition, we will be in a position to recover most of our investment via sponsors, as well.

We already have the artist line up ready. Having stated this, we are in need of immediate funding to start the project as soon as possible, for it to take place in Q4 2015.

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