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To set up an Animation Studio that develops Intellectual Property & delivers quality Animated Feature Films, TV Broadcast/Series,Custom Content,Games,3D Stereoscopic Conversion,VFX to domestic & international production houses.

The contemporary world has realized Animation's immense potential to
serve as an effective tool of visual communication and creative expression.

Animation in Entertainment has formed into a successful genre and has taken quantum leaps in the last few years.

This is evident from the fact that 9 out of 10 box office hits of 2010 were fully animated movies and movies having significant animated content.

The constant technological advancements and growing skill set has caused a rapid growth in the animation sector and is being widely used in the areas of Education,Medical Training, Corporate visuals, Infotainment and Architectural Walk Through's.

Indian Animation Industry's cost competitiveness and demonstrated capability to deliver high quality, has increased the work being outsourced to India by international production houses.

There has also been an increase in the signings of co-production deals between Indian and foreign studios.

As per NASSCOM reports, the Indian Animation Industry is expected to grow at 35% p.a to reach 2.5 billion USD by 2013.

Morcan Studios is an animation, gaming and VFX studio initiated by creative, experienced & acknowledged industry professionals with a formidable track record in advanced media production.

A cumulative experience of 40 years, working with some of the top line organisations & professionals in the Indian animation industry and also having worked with animation studios overseas, has helped us study and understand different work ethics and pipelines, thus equipping us to put together a highly efficient structure of our own.

We have been instrumental in delivering numerous projects ranging from
Direct to DVD to Hollywood Feature Films, TV Series & Commercials.

Our first hand experience with numerous industry professionals over the years has helped us establish a wide network which can help us build a further formidable team.

Currently at Morcan Studios, we have finished working on scripts for two feature films and are in a pre production stage. We have managed to generate interest among producers in Singapore and India. Our intention to build these as our intellectual properties and aim to create multiple
revenue generation streams from these films. These would range from
games, merchandising, TV series to character licensing.

Apart from creating Intellectual Properties, Morcan Studios will be providing services for Features Films, TV Broadcast, Direct to DVD, Custom Content
Gaming & VFX.

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