Animation Studio Start-Up Seeking Equity Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Animation studio iengaged in the outsourcing services for 2D, 2D Digital Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects (VFX) and Gaming genre is also looking forward to expand operations with IP content for television & feature films.

Our business scope is as follows:
1. Handling outsourced projects from all over the globe
Today India is already being considered one of the best destinations outsourcing of various IT projects. However, the animation & VFX assignments coming to India are very few. Our company will play a very important role in attracting outsourcing assignments. In each of these areas the cope of services of the animation production company includes offering animation production, co-production and content creation related services.

2. Handling local projects (VFX for Films, corporate Presentations, Gaming, Content for satellite channels, etc.)
Currently Indian animation studios are catering to the requirements of various end user segments such as feature films, corporate films/presentations, TV programs, advertisements/commercials and computer games. Animation solutions are also finding a place in niches such as film titling, special effects, web entertainment programs; TV broadcast graphics, 3D modeling and background development. We will launch this ‘Local Projects Division’ along with our Training Division. This division will not just create revenues for the group but also work as a thriving factor for the other divisions. The current level of Indian market demands can be easily handled by our technical team.

3. Providing education through our Blended Learning model (Classroom and Online learning).
The training division of the firm will act as one of the important revenue generation streams in the initial phase of the project & it will also act as ‘Strategy based Tactical Step’. This training division will not just act as strong revenue generation stream but most importantly will also create strong pool of technical team for the studio.
The most obvious target market segments for various revenue generation streams of Studio are:
• Construction Sector (Pre – Visualization)
• Automobile Industry (CAD Design)
• Gaming Industry
• Movie Industry
• Satellite Channels
• Advertising Agencies & Media Houses
• Animation entertainment
• Animation education
• Custom content development and multimedia

Competitive Advantage

• Increase in the size of the domestic animation market as well as the outsourcing market.
• Cost arbitrage is the key driver for development of foreign movies in India.
• Proven credentials, international quality and on time delivery capabilities
• Changing from a pure off shored model to co-production model in some cases

Use of financing

Capital Investment Uses:

• Office Space
• Interior
• Studio Hardware & Software
• Electricity system
• Training Division
• Operating Expenses for 36 Months
• Staff & Artists Salaries
• PR Expenses
• Office Stationary
• Communication / Data (Internet) Expenses
• Electricity, Generator Maintenance, etc.
• Fees to Legal & CA Firms
• Lodging, Boarding and Traveling Expenses
• Insurance, Depreciation & Taxes
• Staff welfare and Misc. Expenses

Opportunity for the investor

Equity Investment: $ 2,000,000
Share in the company: 20%
ROI: 5 years

We are looking for a silent investor.

Investment Schedule:
1st phase: $ 700,000 (immediately)
2nd phase: $ 500,000 (3th month)
3rd phase: $ 400,000 (13th month)
4th phase: $ 400,000 (25th month)

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