Digital Post-Production Firm Looking for Funding against 20% Equity

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a Mumbai-based digital post production company. We are looking for investors in our company and we would give a 20% partnership to our investor.

Our company will return the investment within 2 years.

Competitive Advantage

If we have our own DI set-up, we will be the 7th company in the country to own such a huge set-up.

Our team consists of all seniors from prime focus, prana and maaya.

We have our own in-house VFX and CGI teams which help us to bag projects in a package.

Prime Focus, Reliance, Tata Elxi, Wave Cinema, are our direct competitors.

If we have a DI set-up we can sustain our advantage over the competitors.

Rationale for the deal

We are offering 20% equity in the company.

Each film edit is billed for 25000 USD and VFX n CG work billed at 10000 USD and it takes a month to finish 1 film edit.

All Hollywood films are getting edited in India.

Our team has 15 year experience in this line.

Use of financing

Purchase of equipment, technology and senior artists.

Opportunity for the investor

Debt investment of 300,000 will payback in 2 years (monthly basis) - 3-5%.

We are OK with both silent or hands-on investor.

We will pay a monthly and can be worked out mutually.

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