Equity Investment Needed for Animation TV and Film IP with 40% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company has acquired an animated TV Series based on epic superhero story and is now in second stage, looking for potential investors for pitch bible development.

Our company is the brain child of a self-taught artist and animation director by profession with more than 12 years of professional experience in the animation industry.

Our main objective is the creation of IP content for television episodes and feature films.
We are also looking forward to expanding operations with outsourcing services for 2D, 2D Digital Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects (VFX) and Gaming.

Instead of producing an entire project, we develop each concept to the point where it can be pitched to potential business partners. For that we need to create a bible which contains the concept, the character profiles, the production design, the inspirational art and a teaser to attract production partners, co-producers, broadcasters and distributors to raise production money.

Each of our concepts is reviewed and suggested by major production house teams in Europe and Mexico before we decide to move into further development.

Services offered

• IP Development and content creation
• Storyboarding, visual development, set design, poster design for live action movies
• Concept art direction and preproduction services
• Domain experts
• Project management for overseas outsourcing
• Animation Production services
• VFX and Graphic services
• Technical pipeline services
• R&D - Technology advancements

Competitive Advantage

Our concepts are original, unique and based on globally famous characters which make them very easy for marketing.

A competitive company has a long success history of delivering and producing similar globally famous characters/stories in last 5 years.

Our TV series concepts are based on famous mythological hero and few other Indian folklore heroes who are specially treated and crafted for global audience.

Our concepts are specially designed and planned not only for TV shows and feature films but also for mobile games, toys and other merchandise.

Rationale for the deal

• Directly: Our marketing team will approach potential network broadcasters and co-producers directly through various platforms.
• Agent: We will hire consulting agents for distribution and also to avail outsourced projects.
• Digital Marketing: Marketing and publicity through various social networking platforms.
• Website: Regular updates and blog posts will encourage interaction with everyone which creates global awareness about our products.
• Revenue Sharing Partners: We will partner with various organisations on revenue sharing basis for the production of Games and Merchandise.
• Production partnerships: We will always encourage production partners for production of our original concepts or outsourced projects.

Based on our experience we have learned about the essentials for creating high quality animations within controlled budget.

• Picking the concepts where you feel you can get the most bang for your buck are essential.
• We are versatile artists who can multi-task and work together as a team.
• We have developed a consistent style.
• We have effective time-management, especially when it comes to execution of outsourced projects.
• We reduce overhead price by maintaining a limited in-house team on payroll and hiring other artists as per project demand on contract basis.
• Staying up-to-date on the latest production techniques and technology.

Use of financing

Founder investment:
• Studio registration and legal documentations
• Fixed Assets
• IP acquiring charges

Bank lending
• Applied for Infrastructure development

Required Investment for:

• Pitch bible development
• R&D
• Marketing
• Working capital
• Team expansion
• Production equipment

Investor will have a choice releasing funds quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis.
We will be providing detailed breakup as per investor’s requirement.

Opportunity for the investor

Investors will be having up to 20% in project share depending on the terms and agreements.

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