Event Production Company Looking for an Investor of INR 2 Cr/$350,000

Opportunity Snapshot

Event Organizer - Business Expansion Funding Funding is needed to purchase light & sound equipment and enable expansion Image courtesy of RCGP, 2009, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We are a leading Event Production Company based out of Hyderabad (India). We deal with all kinds of Government and corporate events and have been operating for 8 years.

We are looking for expansion of our business in terms of purchasing materials like light & sound equipment and other event production accessories. With the business opportunity growing, the need of owning own equipment is a definite competitive advantage and ensures better margins in profit.

We at present hold equipment including light and sound, stage, vehicles, generators etc. worth up to Rs. 5 cr. / $850,000.

For further details please get in touch with us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Having our own equipment will grant us a competitive edge and higher profit margins.

Use of financing

Funding will be used to purchase of light & sound equipment.

Opportunity for the investor

Invest and become a shareholder. As a business partner you will share the company's profits. On a subsequent basis, you could also get back your investment.

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