Film Production Company Start-Up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is a new film production company. The focus of this company is to produce films. All films made by this company will be made by a professional team with great and relevant experience. The funding is required to make our first project which is a full length hindi feature film.

Our aim is to produce films with quality entertainment. We want to make films with high level of quality entertainment that the Indian and Foreign audience await for films made by this company.

The payback period for the investor will be 1.5 to 2 years from the day of the investment. The profit margin for the investor will be 75% and 25% will be for the our company, based on the investors investment. The margin is higher for the investor as money plays an important role.

The idea is ideal due to the technical and creative team involved behind the making this film. The story, the concept and the Director's vision behind this project. Also due to large number of theaters and multiplexes in India with digital release as well as various other ways of selling films makes it a lucrative and a ideal investment for the investor. (Sale of films will be discussed with investors on a one to one basis). And the low cost in making this film.

The project is currently at the pre-production stage, which means the drafting of the projects on paper is currently on. And the project would hit the floor on receiving investments.

Every single penny used for the film from the investment will be shared with the investors. There will be absolute transparency between the company and its investors. From the time the investor enters the project till the final sale of the film.

Every investment made will be documented and all legal procedures shall be followed so that the investor feels safe about his investment.

Incase of any queries do feel free to contact us.

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Competitive Advantage

The beauty of the film industry is we can avoid competition by understanding when to release the film. It is easy as we can release the films when there is no big films or films having big stars being released.

We have to plan this part along with the distributors, they help us understand when to release the film based on the content, and the star cast of the film. It is our responsibility to see and understand the market conditions and then release our film. So that we can give the best of the best returns to our investors.

Rationale for the deal

What is our opportunity?

Once we make our first film and release it we become a part of the film industry. And hence we can make better films for our audiences which will be worth their money and their time.

How are our investors going to make money out of our films?

Its very simple as films are sold through various sources like national and international theater release, audio rights, satellite rights, TV rights, terrestrial rights, audio rights, and through film festivals.

Also our films would give everyone who are associated with us an opportunity to become famous and be known by large number of people across various circles of the society.

Do films make profits?

Yes every film thats made and released makes profits due to the various ways through which it makes its money as well as there are more than 5000 theaters in India alone so we can understand how large the opportunity to make money becomes.

To make it all the more easier, We as a company or team have devised a formula to cut on the cost of making without loosing the quality of filmmaking.

Use of financing

What is the investment needed for?

The investment is needed for making films only. The investors money will not be used for anything else apart from making films. A budget sheet will be attached soon to make every investor understand where their money will be used.

What is the desired investment installment schedule?

There are three stages while making films are being made. Its called Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. Investors can break their investments based on the budget sheet that will be added soon.

Every investor can feel free to ask me any questions they have in mind my mailing me on

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