"God & Me": Investment Opportunity from the Film Industry

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am looking for funding for a story which I have drafted and is to be shot and directed in Los Angeles. This is an artistic piece, which is targeted at the sophisticated youth in India. This story needs an investor's faith and resource to come to life in the theaters.

A suspenseful, dramatic, dark story about a girl who grows up in a religious and God fearing Christian background. As a young girl she is drawn by the fascination of the existence of God, while girls her age played with dolls. Her personal life seems normal in the eyes of the world but it gradually starts to crumble as she seeks answers. She starts hearing God, seeing visions, etc. The ultimate struggle she faces is when trying to figure out whether whatever is happening to her is real or is she struggling with a mental illness.

I hope you find the theme captivating. Please let me know if you are interested in the script.

I hope you can give an opportunity to a struggling Indian filmmaker with a different perspective than the usual norms of Bollywood.

Competitive Advantage

This movie can bloom at an international level, especially among the foreign Indians residing around the globe. It has a lot of potential, and can bring an outbreak of a whole new style of film-making in India.

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