Indoor Advenure Sport Start-Up in Pune, India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is to bring an indoor adventure sport which does not exist in India. The aim is bring to people of India things which they do not have access and idea about. The funding is required for setting up the unit. All of the equipment is to be imported & installed/constructed in India.

Service is to bring adventure sport which is very thrilling to the ever growing Indian mass. The maximum pay-back period will 3 years. ROI will be 20 - 30 % on the amount invested. The business idea is good because it will be one of its kinds in India. Parallel businesses running around the world draw annual gross income of about $7-10 USD million per annum.

The investor will definitely draw good returns in short period of time as have the investors who already have benefited from this project in other countries.

It will sell in the Indian market because these days the Indian mass wants something exiting to do with in the town. People are spending huge amounts to go abroad & seek thrill & raise their adrenaline.

The project is in the start-up stage. I have done all the spade work with the manufacturers & just need the funding to set it up in India (Pune). Interested investors can establish contact with me on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Frankly the competitive edge is that it will only be of kind in India. I am very sure on this as have done very thorough re-search on this.

Rationale for the deal

My opportunity is to leave the 9-5 job & start with this Business to simply make money.

Just for Information the simple math of making the money is as follows: "Per Hour GROSS REVENUE will be close to 2000 USD. This when multiplied in terms of 12 hrsx365 days is..".

I have clear cut data that other similar businesses in the world are making annual gross income of $7-10 million USD (as published on Internet & other magazines).

Use of financing

Major investment is needed for purchase of the equipment & set up from the manufacture. Apart of it will be used for leasing space in a shopping mall where this will be installed. The rest will be for marketing & advertising.

My reason for Finance is that I am a happily married salaried individual working a MNC abroad and am happy with what I earn. But now I want to do big in life for which I do not have the required funds. Investment period will be in two parts 50 % for manufacture & remaining 50 % during installation.

Opportunity for the investor

I am OK with any kind of investment.

I assure that investors in this project will definitely indulge him in another such project after the success of this one.

Payback period will be" Maximum" 3 years from the time of investment. ROI will be 20 -30 %.

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