Investment Project for Entertainment & Dining Restaurant and Theatre

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking to expand our very successful dining entertainment business and to take it nationwide. We intend to offer 25-30% return on investment.

A highly scalable ingenious restaurant theatre business. Very high on customer engagement experiential dining and connects diners with happy moments. We have successfully run the first of its kind in Bangalore and now seek to expand our footprints.

The aim at The Kyra Theatre is to offer a unique opportunity to experience some of the best local, national and international presenters and performances across a variety of genres.

At The Kyra Theatre we offer something for everyone – every day which is why you will see theater, puppetry, comedy, circus, burlesque, indigenous film, world music, chamber music, hip hop, jazz, contemporary dance, experimental theatre, world-renowned performers and new talent alike, all happening here.

• Fresh new work that stirs emotions, ignites debate, excites the mind and feeds the soul. From a rock legend to a cine star. Tablas to cellos. From Pondicherry to a Welsh island. From an iconic composer to a classic novel.
• It is during these days that you will witness the work of true performers who push boundaries, subvert genres and transform the way you see the world.
• We present a truly international program of concerts, performances and large-scale events all year round.
• The repertoire of The Kyra Theatre enables us to entertain wider audiences, especially families and young people, offering many their first unforgettable experience of seeing performances of this breadth and magnitude.

The Kyra Theatre Restaurant

The Restaurant at the Kyra Theatre is the quintessential Bangalore experience.

During lunch hours, our guest sails through a gastronomical journey of an unlimited buffet of world cuisine and savour the strums of a light acoustic performance or a non intrusive theatre act. Guests welcome the sight of the rehearsals of musicians, theatre personalities and dance artists as they prepare for their ultimate performances: it’s almost like a back stage tour.

• In the afternoons The Kyra Theatre restaurant offers light beverages and refreshments, changing its avatar to café like, where busy mums catch up for chat while their children rehearse, or where artists and performers gather together to discuss matters of importance, or a book reading club is in full action critiquing the latest best seller.

• Sun down, and the Kyra Theatre restaurant metamorphoses its entire ambience to reflect the true pulsating energy. Out come the Producers Platter menu’s for the evening, styled and designed to complement the performance of the evening. This menu is designed to give our guests the chance to sample a variety of light bites on a sharing basis.

• Our sommeliers are always at hand to suggest the right wine or cocktail that is the perfect accompaniment to the menu. With over 50 deliciously innovative cocktails and the perfect wine and spirit for every occasion, the Kyra Theatre restaurant will not disappoint.

The stage and facilities
• The Kyra Theatre offers a 30’ x 15’ thrust stage. The stage is housed in a completely acoustically treated 7000 square feet of three tiered seating galleries accommodating a minimum of 180 guests (seated dinner style).

The Kyra Theatre has used the services of a team of internationally acclaimed consultants to design and outfit the theatre with the state of the art sound and light systems designed for superior sensory performances. A team of dedicated and talented engineers and crew back up are always on hand to ensure a flawless programme.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

* Live Music + Food + Bar = Happy dinners + happy concert goers
* High sponsorship possibilities

Changing trends amongst locals and more people looking for quality restaurants in India to eat out, entertain and party, this seems to be the 'In-thing'.
Also with India growing enormously, extra cash leads to extra spending capacities in one and all. Also with foreign investors and traveller growing in India there is a huge demand for quality restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces in India.

We are looking to break even in 2 years; hence cash payback period will be around 2 years with a 25-30% return on investment.

The Investor also has the opportunity to buy back equity.

Rationale for the deal

This is a cash business. Revenues generated on daily basis 365 days a year. Cash flow will be high and regular.

We intend to offer 25-30% return on investment.

Use of financing

Investment will be used for further research, leasing of the spaces, actual building of the outlet, buying of equipments, staff hiring,training, stock purchase, licensing etc.

Investment will also be used towards execution day to day operations.

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