Investor is Needed for Film Production Company in India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

To exploit the untapped potential of regional film industry of Кarnataka and achieve number 1 slot as a producer in terms or quality fame and money in turn elevating the local film industry to international arena.

The project is to exploit the most powerful, untapped visual media, and to create new opportunities. utilising our vast experience and exposure in this industry, we want to achieve supremacy in producing films, tele software and events.

Proposal Summary:

Today, visual media and entertainment industry of India is observing enormous growth, both in quality and quantity.

Utilising and exploring the powerful visual media in every sector, field and adopting them in every project has resulted in continuous increase in the demand for creative audio visual works and rise of new concepts in entertainment. But in the current scenario the companies and the professionals involved in visual media, have not been able to exploit the huge existing opportunities completely.

The fact that is fascinating is, visual media and entertainment industry has in it, great potential and scope, since unlimited opportunities can be created apart from the existing ones and this appears like a never ending resource as it is one of the most creative fields.

But currently lack of organised and global approach has restricted the people involved, to grow beyond a certain limit. After a thorough experience and exposure in this field, deep study and planning, we would like to propose to you to support us in our project and to realise an ambitious dream and also take the visual media to new heights.

This being the situation we are planning to start a production company, after analysing the abundant opportunities and practicalities of the trade which will provide total one stop solution to A to Z of visual media and entertainment industry of Karnataka. Apart from our knowledge, several years of thorough experience, and exposure to all sections of this field, the production company in its crew, will comprise top quality technicians, concept creators, artists, marketing and management experts. The objective of this company is to become number one productions house in Karnataka to start with, and extend its supremacy to the rest of the country over the years to come. With our dedicated work, vision, concepts and creativity we are sure to emerge out colourfully to the top slot in a very short span.

Our Activities:

- To justify the claim as a complete production house, and the only of its kind, we concentrate on the following activities right from the beginning.
- Feature film production
- Tele serials production
- Documentary films production
- Ad Films production
- Corporate profiles making
- Training films production
- Music albums production

The projects are designed with revolutionary concepts to deserve success and expert talented crew will be assigned to ensure the quality. With an aggressive approach and dedicated hard work we are confident of winning work association of corporates, international as well as national tele-channels, government bodies and of course the popularity of viewers.

Our Experience:

- Wide exposure in all segments of film making, television & audio visuals for more than 15 years.
- Tele-serials and telefilms produced - 20 +
- Films -serials written and directed - 20+
- Documentary films and other film

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