Kerala Based Advertising Agency Looking for Investment to Expand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Funding is required for INS Accreditation of an Advertising Agency. Capital Investment is needed for the production of 2D Animation Films for broadcast channels.

We are an advertising agency based in Kochi, Kerala. We are a full-fledged creative agency advertising in all kinds of media. We have some good clients in the town from various sectors, including jewellery, textiles, govt. organisations etc.

Rationale for the deal

• Advertising Services in all Media
• Ad Film Production Company
• INS Accreditation for volume business
• 2D Animation Production for Local Channels and Home Videos

Use of financing

The funding is required mainly for INS accreditation from which we can get more offers from the publications and channels and for the production of 2D animated films which are having a huge market (yet to explore) in India and overseas. Currently we are planning to produce some home videos and a 50 episode story for the broadcast channels.

Opportunity for the investor

Payback period will be 5-10 yrs with 40% of the net profit.

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