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Investment Opportunity

I need $210000 investment for my very low budget movie project with three language (English, Hindi & Telugu) versions.

I am from Hyderabad (INDIA) and I am very happy to share my views and my proposal with you.

I am looking for Rs. 95,00,000 INR financial assistance for my Movie Project Implementation.

The Movie is at the same time educational and entertaining. It has 3 language versions (English, Hindi & Telugu). The project duration is one year. The cost of production will be low because there will be only two characters in the film.

The Movie Project needs Rs. 1,20,00,000 INR in total but I already invested Rs. 25,00,000 INR.

I need the rest Rs. 95,00,000 to implement it.

I will return the amount of the loan within a Year @ 18% Interest per annum.

The project will generate revenue from the sale of the movie rights and theatre screenings of the movie.

I will use the profits from this project to fulfil my two dreams: to start a Big School for orphan children providing high quality free education and accommodation and to establish a big multi-speciality Hospital to provide high quality free health services to poor people with health problems ranging from headache to any transplantation needs. Please support me in implementing my movie project to reach the next stage.

Project Name in Hindi Version: Kya milaa....marnese
Project Name in Telugu Version: VEEDHATHA tho VINAY
Project Name in English Version: My God with Me

I have the knowledge and experience to implement my project. After successful completion of my P.G. in Mass Communications I started my career as a scriptwriter and completed 18 films within span of 4 years.
Furthermore, I have been Asst Director in 7 films and Co-Director in 8 films.

The aim of the current project is educating the people to abandon
suicidal tendencies and making them understand that life in itself is a celebration.

To reach my goal I need your blessings and encouragement.

Thanking you All.

Opportunity for the investor

I will return the loan amount within a Year at an interest rate of 18%. Alternatively, I can give all rights on the English Version of the movie to overseas investors (or the rights on the Hindi Version).

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