Short Term Multi-Language Film Project Requiring Serious Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Multi-language film project requires INR 90 Lakhs. An investor will be able to get all benefits within 8 months since we are planning to sell all movie rights.

We are in search for serious investors for our multi language film project. The film would be in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and one more language of your choice. The project period is 4 months. We’d like to sell outright the right of the film after completion. This way we will get the full profit within 8 months. It is a low budget project on profit sharing basis.

We are looking for financial assistance in the amount of Rs. 90,00,000 INR for the implementation of our movie project.

The movie is a suspense thriller entertaining film that will have have 5 language versions (Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada & Telugu). It will take 4 months to finish the project.

We will return the loan amount within 8 months @ 20% interest per annum OR we can do it in a profit sharing basis.

The project will generate revenue from the sale of the movie rights and theatre screenings of the movie.

Competitive Advantage

We are planning to sell all rights of the film instead of depending on theatre response.

Opportunity for the investor

We need an investment of Rs. 90 Lakhs.
Option 1: Repayment with 20% interest within 8 months.
Option 2: Profit sharing basis: 55% to Investor and 45% to Producers (Us).
Minimum total profit expected: 1 Cr.

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