Multiplex Theatre with Shopping Mall in Nanded Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have land in the heart of the city Nanded. We are interested in Building Multiplex Theatre with Shopping Area. We require investor or we can invest and lent on rent.

The Scope is good because there are not as many brands available. Nanded is Major Tourist Attraction.

We have outlined several points from our proposal to investments

• Multiplex theatre with shopping mall and food courts with family entertainment and hotel
• Target market -Nanded city with adjourning Talukas.and Hingoli and Parbhani city
• Project will be completed with 1 and half year
• Good apportunity for investment as Nanded is developing city
• Daily approximately 10,000 tourist visit Nanded as major Gurudwara is located
• Investor or entrepreneurs are required
• Funds for project approx 5 cr Rs.
• ROI is of 3 years
• Good project in Nanded city

Interested parties may do contact us on Merar.

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