Investment Project for Night Club with Hotel Start-Up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My project Idea is starting up a night club with hotel in Chennai ,India.
The hotel will be exclusive and business standard .
The funding is required to buy a land , Construction , Salary for employees, and other legal starting of night club in India.
My aim is to produce a 5 star business standard hotel with night club attached.

The service im going to start is night club with hotel .
The Return of Investment is high because the assets are land and building
we are not renting a place or building we are buying for our own this ensures more profit and gain . More over night club in chennai is less also the business standard hotel in chennai is less, The competition for high class business hotel is less in Chennai, India now. So this is the right time to start a goof high class business hotel .

So, Definitely there wont be no loss since we have assets and less competition,
The opportunity for the Investor is very good . The share for investor is 75% and 25% for me . The annual profit turnover will be very high say some 100000$ .
In todays market business standard hotel and night clubs are in high demand in India, So this will definitely work out.
The project can be started once the Investor is ready to invest in my project idea.
The additional funding is needed for giving the employees salary and for marketing purposes.
This gives high profit since we dont have to give rent because we own our own land and building.
This would be great opportunity for Investors to Invest.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

Less competition for high class business standard Hotel with night club
No one can beat us if we catch up few competitors through marketing techniques.
More profit since our land , our building. No loss only Profit .

Rationale for the deal

The money is easy to make out of clients who come to our Hotel
and also the night clubs which is organized by reputed DJs.
Few competitors out there will be vanished if we manage to do a well organized marketing techniques .

Use of financing

The investment is needed for buying land , Construction , Salary for employees, and other legal starting of night club in India.
The reason i need to start Hotel with night club is that i found out this is the best business now to start in Chennai, India,
Firstly we have to buy land , then constructing a high class business hotel with night club and then finish the legal stuff in India for starting a hotel with night club,

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