Production of 3D Animation for the Global Market Together with a MNC

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Currently we want to produce one of the 4 films, with the tie-up of MNC who will conceputalize, market and distribute the production.

The requisite Agreement has been made successfully. Now the turn is to start producing the film for which the fund is sought for.

Aim: To produce a 3-D Animation Film for the Global Market in association with a MNC
In-House Resources: We have adequate in terms of Man and Machine Power.

Seeking an Ideal Investor to associate with us for the production on a sharing basis mutually.

The MNC who has agreed apart from the story conceptualization, to market and distribute globally the Film successfully. In order to ensure about the success rate, the MNC has made enough market Research on a global point of view and hence it is self explanatory to get the result favourably.
As the concept is ready on hand, the immediate stage of production shall be started by us upon having found the ideal investor/partner.

The project duration is estimated to complete the production is about 18 - 20 months from the date of Investment and agreement made with the prospective investor.

For more details on this, you can contact us on Merar.

As the matter in question is most urgent your immediate response to this is highly solicited/appreciated.

Competitive Advantage

Since We have been chosen by the MNC to produce their story based on our workmanship shown in the past to bag Film Award, we feel this is a major edge for us to enrich our assignments more from the MNC who is Internationally renowned.

Furthermore, the scope of our work is till the completion of Production and the rest of the work such as marketing and distribution of the film is by the assured MNC on their own, the time requirement to shape it effectively is minimum and our risk factor is almost zero

Rationale for the deal

The expected outcome of the production based on our proven manpower, we feel this will fetch us some more film production assignments from the World easily.

Use of financing

We require about Rs. 25 Crores to Rs. 30 Crores to make production.

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