Water Park Including Electronics Games, Bowling, Restaurant

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Planning to set up a water park with an electronic games area (for children below age 10), billiards and bowling(for people above 10 years), and a food court.

The total investment is around 750000$, which includes a land cost around- 112000$.
setup up of water park cost-120000$
setup of restaurant or food court-90000$
setup of bowling and billiards - 100000
setup of children electronics game-15000$
construction and other investment- 350000$

I plan to setup these things under one roof in Dhanbad district, state Jharkhand, India (which is also known as coal capital of India).

1. There is no good park or under one roof entertainment place in a city of around 100 km. People used to travel around 200-300 km to spend their time in such a place.
2. The place will cover all entertainment requirements of families, children and youngsters.
3 Dhanbad district is a huge hub of student as Indian school of mines and many other institutions are located here.
5.Staff will be easily available on a salary of around 150-200$ per month.

Income target
-I expect a minimum of 100 people/day.
- Entry ticket for water park will be charged separately from the other activities.
- Electronic games, billiards, bowling and food will be charged according to time and quantity.

The minimum income per month will be 20'000-25'000$; and per year minimum of 220'000-250'000$.

The investment will be returned in around 3-5 years and after that investor will get profit sharing without any investment.

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