A Niche Consumer Dairy & Nutrition Based Product Startup - India

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Food, Beverages, Tabacco
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $800,000 / min. $800,000
  • ROI: 11% in 3 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

A consumer Dairy & Nutrition based product startup in India. A2 Milk based value added consumer products which are niche cravings.

Reaching out to you for seed & early stage investment in a niche consumer Dairy & Nutrition startup. Your consideration to invest in my venture will be of profitable connect.

I am planning to launch my own venture in area of Consumer Dairy & Nutrition product in India . The concept is :
A. Launch A2 Milk : Fresh Farm to Home : Subscription based .
B. Launch A2 UHT Milk : Protein & DHA enriched products : FMCG model. TG Children, Positioned as The Perfect Breakfast Milk.: FMCG model
C. Come up with A2 Grow Up Protein Milk for Children ,and, A2 Whey Protein Drink for Adults & Seniors. : FMCG Model
D. It has high social impact as well as zero carbon footprint.

It is planned to be based out of India. Have worked out the road map model with exciting financials . As such , I want a session with you to explain the details of the same.

Investment & Financials : Sales expected to reach $15 miliion in 3 year time period. EBIDTA : >38%, Exciting Financial returns expected. Any form of investment interest is welcome, be it in debt or equity, etc.

Product : A2 Milk , A2 Milk based Valued Added Products
Target Market :
Female , Sec A1 ; High Values & Aspirations
Innovators , Thinkers, Achievers, Experiencers , Having Children & Elderly at Home
Homemaker as the decision maker
Currently consumes any form of liquid milk
Aspirational Value seeker in Health & Wellness
Always on the lookout for better nutrition

Revenue Generation Model :

Demand : Modern Trade Teaser
Newspaper Advert
Digital Advert
BTL Campaigning
Doctor Suggestions
Referral Program-WOM

Fulfilling Demand :
Direct Farm to Home for Liquid Milk ; FMCG Model for Value Added Products

Business Goals : Reach US$96 lakh sales in 3 years ; Consumer Connect & Others can be explained

Funding Needs : Debt or Equity funding for Seed stage capital.

Competitive Advantage

Niche consumer advantage, Not easily replicable as due to backend integration. Niche consumer segments.

Direct Competitors : Health Nutrition Beverages

Indirect Competitors : Any A1 Milk consumption

Sustainability : Scale up fast in consumer Value added space ; First mover advantage ; Medical Fraternity Recommendation , Zero Carbon Footprint, Community BuildUp.

Rationale for the deal

Good EBIDTA & ROI as mentioned above. Get hold on future consumption, Niche and profitable, provides the base for massive expansion with scale from 3rd year.

A2 Milk is the market gap.
No significant market player is in the Value Added Space.
Build up the first mover in this space. It;s a unique model of creating & fulfilling demand.

Use of financing

Funding Assets, Backend Frontend, Establishing & Running Operations, Marketing
Need the seed & start up stage capital now. Will require growth funds from 2nd year.

Opportunity for the investor

Debt Investment : At seed & growth stage US$ 8 lakh ; 12% annualized interest rate , EBIDTA positive from Year 2.

Equity Investment : ROI and EBIDTA is referred as above. Can be discussed as per Capital Investment. High NP.

Any form of Investment is welcome.

Year 1 : Seed : US$ 8 lakhs ; Start Up Acceleration US$ 44 lakhs

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