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Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I have a project for a new international brand for new types of healthy foods and beverages to hit the Indian and international markets. With regard to my expertise and knowledge in space selling and advertising I would like to open a unique and unified chain or food & cafeteria joints in India and major other countries. I need a flexible financer.

As I have nurtured and well experienced the line of unique space selling concepts for hotels, airports, restaurants and open grounds, now I would like to start a specialized business where I combine food with lifestyle.

In today’s grief stricken times and financial dysfunctions the lower & middle classes are losing out on social outings and get-togethers due to high prices of food, haircuts, cafeterias etc. On the other hand, the high class is finding the existing brands like Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, as well as the branded salons too monotonous.

My unique concept would provide in-house healthy fast food, various types of coffee, minimum of 5% alcohol drinks, e.g. in Irish coffees, fashion salons, health spas, music lounges with servings as a delight. The outlets will be well managed and will look optimally spacios. I want to start with one outlet in India and then open one in each of the following places: USA, Canada, France, Italy, China, Thailand, Australia, Dubai, London, South Africa, Russia and Brazil.

I need a very flexible, understanding, humble, and knowledgeable investor who would agree to take back returns and a minimal interest strictly from the sales of my products and services.

For my project I need a minimum investment of 3-5 million dollars. My concept and theory is profit proof & I will discuss this with you once you agree to finance for my project. My 5 year plan is to be a known international brand and then form new strategies of sales. So if you are genuinely interested to finance my project you can contact me on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

1) healthy fast food
2) minimum % alcohol drinks
3) chicken, mutton, prawn rolls (frankies - only 2 or 3 brands in India)
4) hair, body, nail, bath spa in-house
5) self service breakfast, lunch & dinner buffets in lounge concept
6) home delivery
7) juke box and gaming console
8) optimum pricing
9) worked out percentage from franchise fees till amount with interest clears
10) profit proof techniques where I will personally choose the best staff

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is to get revenue from sales of food products, health spa services and beverages. Also, once few chains are opened worldwide I will appoint marketing staff for franchising to expand and sell the products and services. Mergers will also help to increase output and sales figures.

My concept is to provide a first time 'give-and-take' service, so that there will be no customer grievances, hence better brand image, hence more sales.

Use of financing

As I have said, I would need an investment of 5 million dollars or the respective amount converted in Indian rupees in instalments. The instalment schedule can be discussed once you are ready to invest and have had a meeting with me on the same. Once I have the funds I will appoint a marketing and sales team to carry out my objective. I have good experience in this field and I'm very diverse and energetic to adhere to my business expansion.

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