Biryani Paradise: Chain of Quality Food Outlets

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity


• Revolution in the world of taste
• Introducing Exquisite, Aromatic, Scrumptious, Authentic, Luscious, Delectable, Palatable, Appetizing BIRYANI
• At least 50 take-away outlets in Bangalore within one year
• The outlets will be supported by highly professionally managed centralized kitchen
• Coming up with our own outlets in all the corners of Bangalore
• Required investment of minimum 1crore

We are aiming to deliver quality at every step, at every process (Raw Material, Suppliers, Cooking, Time Management), as well as perfect hygiene (staff, material handling, storage area, cleanliness, pest control, waste management) and a taste that is on par with the best and is consistent throughout all our outlets.

Returns on Investment will be 100% within 1 year.

We are good in what we are doing because we have a passion of food and a brand.

Opportunity for the investor: Join hands with Biryani paradise and see growing it day by day! The investor can also be a partner.

The business will sell for sure because we'll directly supply to the consumer. We will stand out with the following:

- Aesthetic of outlet - pleasant ambience
- Uniform identity - unique theme, look, and color codes (like Cafe coffee day, Domino, Barista)
- Quick turnaround time for home deliveries
- Affordable pricing

The first phase of the project is already in progress.

The investment needed is 1 crore to 7 crores (INR).

Please refer to the attachment for more information.

Competitive Advantage

Supported by centralized kitchen - unique concept
Uniform taste across the outlets
Total Quality control - Complete control on centralized kitchen
Complete control on material management
Trustworthy team dedicated at kitchen and outlets
Associated with some of the best chefs and cooks

ROI - 100% within 6 months to 1 year

Rationale for the deal

There will be no royalty.

We will make revenue by selling the product from centralized kitchen.

Normally, in this market middlemen are making the money. We are into Supply chain management (supplier to consumer).

Use of financing

• To establish 4 hygiene kitchens in the four corners of the city

• To establish our own outlets in all the corners of the city

The investment required is from 5000000 to 10000000 (INR).

Opportunity for the investor

We will have no stake in the business - the investor will be holding the complete ownership of some of the outlets and all the profits from the outlets.

No Royalty

For ex: if the investor is investing 1 crore then he will be the owner of 8 units in different parts of the Bangalore; the product to outlet supply from the hygiene centralized kitchen will be operated by us.

Return on investment 100% will be maximum of one year.

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