Catering Services Sector Expansion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Representing a 10 year old profitable business in hospitality sector in the IT Hub of India - Bangalore. We seek funds from potential investors primarily for debt consolidation and future expansion. Great business for those interested in long term prospects as it assures excellent returns from Day 1 as we are a running firm.

a) We are having a sound business model with excellent business prospects for the future.
b) We are hampering for growth essentially due to servicing high cost loans which truncates our liquidity & cash flow.
c) Assuring excellent returns almost from Day 1 as we are a running business with continuous stream of customers giving business on regular basis.
d) As we have spent almost 10 years in the market and also having experienced all the DON'Ts of business, our market knowledge is very sound and with a very strong and experienced team who understands the market requirements quite well, growth is never in question.
e) As mentioned above, we are seeking funds to liquidate our debts, ensure a better cashflow so that the investors get their value for their investments.

Competitive Advantage

a) We could confidently say that we are one of the top 10 caterers in Bangalore and this gives ample scope for market penetration.

b) Having been exposed to all forms of clienteles, our morale will be high with good investments.

c) Having taken a conservative approach with little aggression only with what we have and what are capable of, we have been able to face competition with ease.

d) Being one of the most highly educated caterers in an unorganised sector, we stand to gain by our high levels of communication standards.

Rationale for the deal

We could say that we have tapped only 5% of the market. The Market is growing and has enormous potential. With proper funding support, exponential growth is easily achievable.

Use of financing

a) Liquidating high cost loans - which would greatly improve our cash flow - now strapped.

b) With adequate working capital, lots of areas could be tapped assuring progressive growth to business.

Opportunity for the investor

a) We are looking for an investment around US$ 1 Million.
b) The funds are to be used for debt restructuring, making enough provisions for working capital, future growth.
c) We would prefer loans at reasonable rates of interest.
d) If equity participation is appreciated by the potential investor, we would be open for both.
e) We are at looking 7 years to return the money after growing the company to a certain level.

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