Exporter of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a fresh fruits exporter. We are providing farmers with a new innovative cultivation method for organic farming which is highly demanded in the world market. We are growing innovative demanded products such as seedless fruits (watermelons and other fruits).

Present Setup of the Promoter

Presently the promoter is engaged in the business of export of fruits and vegetables. He had confirmed order of 100 containers of 40’ ft., export of banana every month and green vegetables like Okra, Bitter Guards etc. of 6 air containers per week to UK. About 100 containers of banana and about 50 containers of vegetables, negotiation are going on and the promoter is expecting that he will get the same.

For Banana export, he had already completed two processing units, one at vill Jhagadiya, dist Bharuch, Gujarat, India and another at vill Gopalpura, Rajpipala, Gujarat, India. Five movable pack houses are going to complete for smooth functioning of cutting to packing of Bananas and all the process will be done at the farm.

Near 1000 Acers of cultivating land farmers are agreed with the company for timely supply of products under Contract Farming Agreement.

Interested parties can contact us and we will send complete project profile and financial data.

Competitive Advantage

In terms of the products:

The products are perishable goods fruits, vegetables and flowers. These are produced in the green house concept of agriculture farming and also produced locally in tissue cultural farming method. This is a great advantage in terms of maintenance, quality, test and nutritional values of the products with special and new innovative style.

In terms of the company management:

The company is professionally managed under the dynamic entrepreneurship and leadership of its proprietor and with the leadership of professionals and technical supports.

The promoter of the company is in the field of export for 20 years and has overall work experience of around 25 years. He has established good and reputed business relationships in the relevant industry and has good contacts with the suppliers, Govt. officers and the technical association.

He possesses very good knowledge of International trade, its procedure and documentations, implementation of the projects and contracts, technical advancements, sentiments of foreign buyers and their requirements, manufacturing and process of production with new and advance techniques, cooperation with qualified technical and managerial personals, implementing new developments and searching new avenues in the relevant fields and markets.

He has been intended to have a steady growth now that will be justified by his aim as a proprietor and will prove the ability to judge the pulse of the international trade and industry manufacturing, maintenance and marketing in and around the world with the success in the business.

He is a forward focused person and had a good vision of up coming trends. Today, starting with a small company, establishing with the few machines and with minor accessories and small team of management with a few contracts and farmers, he is going to establish a big scale of production and contracts with farmers of around 2000 Acers of farming.

He is traveling abroad to know the latest development in the same and brought the latest technically advanced machines and major accessories, with an upcoming requirement and import substitute.

Rationale for the deal

Export of farm fresh fruits and vegetables is a priority sector within India's Agriculture Industry. In the context of world market, India is producing much more than needed for exports. Export gets the benefits of foreign exchange earnings and the priority sector can do a great role in this segment.

As it is known, the whole world is now becoming health cautious and the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables becomes a priority. The people are ready to pay much higher price for fresh and good quality farm fruits and vegetables. The requirements of the products are rising day by day and new avenues and areas are created due to the rising population all over the world. People are also consuming fresh vegetables instead of meat, fish etc. especially in countries like Australia, Germany and many more.

The nutritional value of fresh farm fruits and vegetables make the consumer much healthy and fit than other consumptions. Doctors recommend the peasants for more consumption of fresh fruits. Heart disease, ageing, and other health problems can be cured and prevented by consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

This industry has a very high potential in India, as cultivation is the main source of livelihood in the country. New mechanisms and advanced technology make the products much more higher standard than the previous techniques of preservation and longevity of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Profitability as well as demand of the products is gradually increasing with the little efforts of international marketing and long term vision.

This industry can be set up with the high investment and can be run by expert entrepreneur with the support of technical and management team.

Main buyers of the products are wholesale suppliers and big malls. Hence, quality produce should be supplied as per the requirements of the buyers all over the world.

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