Fast Food Retail Chain

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our business idea is to establish an innovative fast food chain. The stores will be in some aspects similar to Mc Donalds or KFC but the type of food and the way it is presented will be very different - a mix and match of Indian and Western styles.

We will start up with 4 retail stores that will have place for sitting and eating. Take-away will be also offered, as well as home delivery.

There will be a place where the foof will be produced. Our menu will include food combining Indian and Western flavours. For example, there will be a burger with Indian curry or chutneys, or pasta with Indian style sauce, samosa with a continental touch, etc.

The very next step will be to make the business a franchise, aiming at getting 30 franchisees a year. However, we can start this after one year of operation because before that we need to complete our branding. Our business will be very fruitful because nowadays the young generation is very much interested in fast food. But we will go beyond that, offering to our customers food that is not only delicious but also healthy - with low fat , low cholesterol, etc.

Our plan is to set up 200 franchise across the world in 4 years. Then we will be looking for initial public offering of our share.

Use of financing

We will use the finance to set up the first two stores and the production plant.

260000 USD will be needed at the start of the project for land acquisition, construction and machinery.

Initially, the business will require 140000 USD for working capital, than after month 4 from the date of start additional 150000 will be needed.

We will need another 50000 USD for advertisement and publicity.

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