Food Cart Chain Offering New Assortiment of Specialty Delicacies

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our business idea refers to offering specialty delicacies with the assortiment changing every fortnight. The food services will be provided through a chain of carts.

The delicacies will cater to both veg & non-veg. The model is readily deployable and scaleable without incurring sizable fixed costs and respective investments. Minimum investment required is $40000.

Fortnightly Delights wants to become a chain of food carts that offers specialty delicacies across vegetarian & non-vegetarian cuisine. The cuisine aims to bring back the actual taste of the heritage delicacies prepared in a way close to the original. We also intend to retain the rich heritage of cooking delights that has made the Indian cuisine the best and mostly varied for so many years.

The food items will be limited and either consumed on the spot or, in most cases, taken away. The food dishes will be semi-cooked at a central point and then brought to the carts to be finalized and, subsequenty, sold to the customers. The carts will be located at strategically identified locations. The food carts will operate from the evening hours till midnight (effectively 5 hours) every day.

Presently, there are many kiosks that offer mostly the same stuff, be it snacks or complete food items across continental, Chinese, local or regional cuisine. I have not been able to spot any specialty offerings that can tickle your taste buds, motivate you to repeat your purchase or inspire you so much to make you a loyal customer. However, one thing is for sure - given our crazy about food population there is absolutely no derth of customers.

The idea is good because India is a country with unparalleled dynamism in culture and traditions, which also brings in a great sense of taste, diversified food habits and cuisine variety. Over the last 5 years the change in food habits and the approach towards the variety have been tremendous and encouraging enough to make us pursue the business idea. It will also bring back the gradually forgotten aspect of cuisine being a part of our glorious heritage.

The idea makes a lot of sense as far as the economics are concerned due to the following reasons:

1) No need to buy land and create the bare minimum necessary infrastructure that as per present real estate statistics would be an atrocious amount.
2) No need to take any commercial property on rent.
3) No need to spend a sizable amount on marketing through various media vehicles.
4) No need to hire multiple man power to increase fixed costs & multiple overhead costs.

Our business is a very attractive opportunity for the investor as it is not a complex one, does not call for mounting investments, is highly paying and readily scaleable with multiple food carts across single and multiple cities.
The ROI is assured at 40% within 2 years of operations.

Competitive Advantage

Fortnightly Delights will be the first of its kind. The delicacies and their preparation will be home based hence challenging to emulate. We will rely on on-house experience and trained cooks.

Rationale for the deal

The ever progressive and experimenting food habits and availability of amazing delicacies presents a wonderful and meaningful opportunity to capitalize on. The business is based on a low cost model with strong entry barriers but easy and profitable exit (if needed). The model carries multiple scaleability either directly or through franchising.

Use of financing

Finance will be required in 3 phases: of 50%, 30% & 20%. It will be used for the following:
1) Purchase and decoration of food carts;
2) Procurement of required equipment;
2) Staff salaries;
3) Marketing & promotion;
4) Daily sourcing of required raw materials.

Return on investment is assured at 40% within 2 years on the invested amount. Capital lock-in period is 1.6 years.

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