Grain Based Distillery- Grainotch Industries Limited

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Investment Opportunity

We have started a grain based distillery in Maharashtra(India). We are manufacturing superfine alcohol and having capacity of 75000 LPD. We are planning to install a bottling plant of capacity 16 lacs boxes/annum. And so we looking for the investment of 4500000$. Bottling plant will directly double the profit.

We are manufacturing 75000L/D alcohol from maize. It is a superfine alcohol. Manufacturing price comes about Rs.27. And the selling price is about Rs.32. We are planning for bottling unit of capacity 16lacs/annum. It will directly double the profit. Now we are selling our alcohol to Seagrams and United Beverages.We are using the best quality machineries in the plant. We are looking for about 4.5 million USD investment for the bottling plant. You can also refer our website

Contact us on Merar if you are interested investors.

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