Healthy Food - Concept Food House - Investment Needed

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am looking for an investor to support me in the opening of a healthy food - concept restaurant in a small food outlet.

Nowadays everyone is neglecting their health. Working on a very busy schedule, they don't have enough time to eat healthy or prepare their own food.

My goal is to make possible the production and sđÁlling of fresh, healthy

* I want to add pasta, salads, soups, and sub sandwiches. (It will be similar to Subway, but more optional)
* I can assure the future investor there will be a complete ROI within three years.
* The concept is to make this as close as possible to the customers's requirements.
* The orders will have to be completed fast (within 90 seconds or so).
* The investor will receive 10% of total sale or 50% of total profit.

For any further questions, contact me on Merar Investment Network.

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