Bakes & Fast Food Outlet & Takeaway Start-Up Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our project plan is to set-up a modern plant with a capacity of 12,000/ breads per day, and est. a franchise network of 120 diner-take-away points in Bangalore.

We will be catering to the needs of IT & BPO industry driven demand for quick food service for either a Double Income No Kids [DINKS Couples] or small families of 4 to 5 individuals. The start-up needs amount USD 1,000,000.

The project comprises of a central automated mechanized bakery and kitchen w/- truck transport network servicing 120 retail and takeaway joints on a franchisee model.


A modern plant with a capacity of 12,000/ breads per day capacity, est. a franchise network -120 diners-take-away points in Bangalore, catering to needs of IT & BPO industry driven demand for quick food svc of a either a Double Income No Kids [DINKS Couple] or for a small family of 4 to 5 individuals. Needs USD 10,00,000/- start-up. Menu shall comprise of baked-foods, ready 2 eat - meals, etc.

Estimated cash payback period is 4 years with an assured ROI of 16%.
The reason it is a good idea is that this will be first of its kind facility to be available 24x7x365 all across Bangalore city w/- a uniform price structure n assured availability.

Restaurants are closed @ 11.00pm in Bangalore, Take-away service facility can function 24 x 7 x 365. Sit-down diners can function within stipulated 7 - to - 11 [morning to night] municipal regulated hours w/- normal food license.
Investor earns 16%, with a Bank FD / Bond being provided by the co n this fetches an assured 9% from the bank. The balance 7% is the earnings the Food chain generates from its sales turnover & provides a good return to the investor. Compare this against the normal 2 to 3% it fetches in any international bank.

Land has been acquired, co. registrations have been initiated and being undertaken, machinery & blue-print for plants & location list of franchisees [diners n takeaway] prepared, we get active in the market from Jul 15 2011 onwards to initiate the roll-out across the city.

Network shall be fully operational by 15th Jun 2012

The idea behind this is that Bangalore comprises of a very youthful population all wired n on the go 24 x 7 x 365 providing their services to ITES & BPO co's working Australia, India, UK & US shifts which means at any given point of time, there are people needing sandwiches / wraps / bread / burgers tea & coffee , juices etc to re-fill & top-up on the go. apart form that is the population school & college kids who need 3 meals a day, kitchens @ home can't satisfy them as exposure to advt.'s by TV & media has created / provided awareness of foods n lifestyles in young impressionable minds, besides parets are happier to buy ready-made stuff n relax rather than cook n experiment, hence the burgeoning demand for fast food but with Indian Flavours.

Investors can contacts us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

Start-up stage - Factory land available, franchisee network roll-out plan available, backed by a 4 acre farm [poultry & fish, spices & masala's / condiments for flavouring] also a start-up biz, aligned w/- factory supplies of farm fresh products to undertake a seamless Supply-Chain-Management strategy.

Direct players / competitors - KFC, Subway, Mc Donalds, etc, backed by int'l franchise knowledge

Indirect players - small neighbourhood restaurants & bakery outlets

Availability concept is 24 x 7 x 365 @ affordable pricing - reason for an advantage over our competition

Only if they [competitors] repeat the idea of the strategy w/- Indian Flavors / menu, will the idea click. MNC brands r organized but cannot n will not put Indian-food on the menu - diversity is huge -every 75 kms in India the taste n food changes, this can be matched only by local biz's knowing the flavour n menu of every region of India.

Rationale for the deal

As CEO n co-owner, I drive the biz forward w/- the knowledge gained from living 12 years abroad in various countries.

My clientele / target audience is uber-cool & aware population, on the move w/- time only for income generating activities, I aim to tap in to the wallets of these couples to spend on the what is essentially a basic need - food. [food , clothing & housing - roti kapda aur makan is every man woman n child’s need.] The aim is to take this need & give it a Brand n identity, make it into a WANT.

Plenty of money is made by the food industry. Apart from the retail end, catering of parties n weddings is an ever growing business.

Use of financing

Buying Technology, plant n machinery - primary area's of capital / investment needed to import machinery.

Reason for needing finance is to obtain latest technology in Taiwan, which is cheaper than in India.

Our need is USD 10,00,000/- with payouts in 3 tranches, for a period of 5 years & our re-payment schedule shall be for 60 months w/- a 3 month holiday period - start-up needs as plant is being imported.

Opportunity for the investor

ROI - Investment Partner's share - 75%
My share - 25% [sweat equity]

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