Investment Opportunity for Restaurant and Food Supplier in India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

“JUG JUG JIYO” is a restaurant and food supplier with pure healthy and very low price. This Project for starting from Gujarat (India), Gujarat is most developing state in India so here lots of labour working continues.

Normally people in India go to restaurants to enjoy the food and once in months because restaurant food dishes price is high so they cannot afford it on daily basis.

A Worker, Visitors of tourist places and Hospital with family cannot afford the Restaurant food.

There are thousands people visiting their relative in Hospital, visit Temple and lots of people work in Industrial areas.

So now in Gujarat nearby Hospital, Temple, and Industrial areas and big cities open food shop (DHABA) working and they give food with low price but main thing is that food is not pure safety, healthy and testy. But people eat that because they need food daily and they cannot afford big restaurant food daily.

Competitive Advantage

Normally in Big restaurants one Thali (Dish) rate is Rs 100.00 and the local open shop rate is Rs 35.00.

So everyone who needs food every day from outside they choose local shop.

Now the main thing and main concept of this project is now in Gujarat everywhere local open shop but no food quality, purity, safety and testy , so our Project “JUG JUG JIYO” will give a thali with same rate Rs 35.00 with purity, safety, healthy and very good testy food to every local people.
Compare to local open shop our company will give food them with more respectably and decoratively.

We can also supply Tiffin service those people whose cannot come to outside or if they have not time.

Rationale for the deal

In This world everyone need food daily to live, we will provide food with respect and very safety food.

Food is something one can't stay away with; we also love to taste variety of food around the world.

Use of financing

We can start our business with 2-3 restaurants in Gujarat most needed area and we already serve about that places and then we can launch more restaurants one by one.


Per Rs 35.00 dish;
- Dish cost Rs15 + 5.00 extra coast = 20.00 total coast per dish;
- 35.00 – 20.00 = 15.00 profit per dish (42%);

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