Investors are Needed for Restaurant Cum Park-Open Field

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are seeking investor to help us develop a place where you can spend your free time, relaxed, play and have fun with good food and services.

This project aims at establishment of a open field restaurant with full facilities to spend your holiday, free time and get relaxed. It will include establishment of a children park, a play station, fishing etc., and a very good hygienic restaurant to provide excellent food.

REPAYMENT: Repayment will done within 3 years of time period or depend on investors demand.

The location selected for the project, demand a place for the people to spend there stressed out of now no such place is available within 200 km radius. Thus maintaining good service will give very excellent return.

Investor will get very good return within a short period as return margin from fast food /restaurant is very high provided good and hygienic food is available to the customers.

Currently I am continuing a fast food outlet from last 2 years and succeed to gather some experience in this field. Thus will help us to grow the new venture.
The plot is available and the location is suitable for the project.

INVESTMENT: This project needs a capital investment of INR 2000000(Twenty lakhs) for complete establishment or for initial (at micro level) minimum 1000000 (ten lakhs) to start of.

I believe this venture will give us a very good return.

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