Quick Service Restaurant Looking for Investors to Expand Pan India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The restaurant franchise can get you a 50% return on your investment, paying back your money in just 6-9 months (depending on location).

What Kathi Junction franchises offer?

Advantages of associating with Kathi Junction.
Powerful brand: Kathi Junction is a well known name in the entire north India and has been the favorite haunt for food for several years.

Developed products and services: Kathi Junction has numerous product recipes since its introduction and continues to innovate new product recipes. Kathi Junction understands the Indian palate more than anyone else in the similar business and keeps the authencity in the food while innovating new products. It has developed its own range of spices which is used in all its outlets. This also ensures uniformity in the flavors and products. Because of the existence of such wide range of products, systems of production and management, the franchisee need not spend time, money or efforts developing products or services for business.

- You should be resident of the place where you need the franchise
- Capacity to invest 3.50 lacs.
- Own or rental prime space of approx 100 sq ft. Minimum.
- Locational advantage with big parking lot.

- Our reputed name
- Techinal know how
- Kitchen designing
- Our most secret recipe
- Our special herbal family recipe spices (without profit)
- All packing materials (without profit)

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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