Kothi, a Family Cuisine 24x7 Restaurant in Dehradun, India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project idea is to open a family restaurant named KOTHI. The restaurant is open for 24X7. The KOTHI is providing 40 family tables & 5 tables for V.I.P`s. KOTHI will provide you many five stars facilities. The funding is required for the land.

The aim is to open a great family restaurant. The KOTHI is providing 40 family tables & 5 tables for V.I.P`s. KOTHI will provide you one attendant per table.

KOTHI will provide you many five stars facilities like:
• 5 Men will be on duty to park the cars of the customers from the entrance gate and ask their name, and at the time of paying bill the name of the customer will be asked for when they will reach out at the entrance gate their car will be in front of them.
• KOTHI will give you a full air conditioned facility.
• The fresh-rooms (toilets) will be provided by the five star facilities.
• There will be around twenty small counters in front gallery in front of the entrance gate and by side of toilet, for the Chinese, fruit salad, Chaat, sweets, and many such others.
• There will be around 140 waiters, 9 managers, 15 hall-sweepers, and 6 toilet sweepers, 15 men at parking area, 4 sound arrangers, 6 electricians, and few more.
• The students will be given few wages if they want to be the member of staff for weekly basis.
• There will be 3 shifts of the workers; around 70 members will be there at a shift.

The cash payback period for the investments is 8-10 years.

This is a good business idea because the KOTHI is going to be open at Dehradun, U.K (India), where there are not many big restaurants with such high facilities and 24X7 facilities.
The customers can come at any time during the day.

The opportunity for the investors are that the profit for first year will be shared 50%(additional) among the investors and the two partners.

This will be surely sell in today`s market, because this is going to spark and make the new & attractive space for the investors.

The stage of the project is that all the employees are ready and the and infrastructure cost is with us and some we are going to finance.

The additional funding is needed for the cost of the land, which will be around Rs. 10,00,00,000

Investors can contact us for further information.

Competitive Advantage

There is no such restaurant at the place.

The chance of repeating is 5-10%, it is a rich work and need a hard labour which not everyone can manage.

Rationale for the deal

Their are opportunities & opportunities it is going to be a monopoly business.

Every monopoly business owes a lot of profit.

No, no indications are founded.

Use of financing

The investment is needed for the land, which is the main part of the project.

The reason is that the money we have is not much, but the idea and management power is good.

The installments is going to be 10%/year of the amount financed.
and whatever the rate of interest is going to be.

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