Milk & Milk Products

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Manufacturing of Milk and Milk products, which is being considered as fast Moving food products which has great demand in domestic and international markets.

• Buying raw chilled/non chilled milk from vendors around 9000 litre/day
• Out of which 2000 liters will be utilsed for manufacturing ICE-CREAM
• 1000 liters will be utilised for manufacturing of CURD
• 500 LITRES will be utilsed formilk KHOVA
• 500 litres will be utilsed for flavoured milk
• 5000 liters will be utilsed for manufacturing of toned milk and standardized milk.

Competitive Advantage

1. Margin of up to 30% on all milk products.
2. Providing best quality will be able capture decent share of Market .
3. Very few Milk product companies are working on the above listed products.

Rationale for the deal

1. Only very few companies like Aavin, Amul, Hut sun are in the Milk product business, hence there is lot of space to play a big role. Providing best quality will lead us to be a most trusted brand.

Use of financing

1. Creating Manufacturing facility ( Land & Building )
2. Buying Machinery
3. Manufacturing
4. Marketing and Brand building.

Investors can talk to us on Merar for more information.

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