Mobile Restaurant with Big Demand

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I have an idea that there is huge demand for the fast food centres in India. So many place there is no quality tiffines and snacks and food is available with hygene and economical prices. If a mobile hotel is started it will gives good reputation and maximum profits with in short period.

My project is to start a mobile Hotel with all facilities incorporated in a van with all sophisticated equipment, which is required for cooking, This project will provide huge profits with in a short period.

There is huge demand for the quality food and beverages for economical prices. If start this business we can earn maximum benefits with a small investment. This project gives instant profits of 30 to 40%. Our investment will come with in 2 to 3 years. I had done all the research and planned all the things. I want a investor for to promote this project or anybody who provide the fund also I will give 3% interest for the fund per year. Or any body will join as a partner.

I will look after everything. I have 200% confidence on this project this will give maximum profits instantly.

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