Modern Parboiled Rice Mill in Bihar, India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Bihar is an emerging big market after Bengal and the government is very supportive to businesses. Therefore, I want to establish the biggest rice mill in Bihar.

I am aiming to produce export quality rice but firstly I’d like to start with low grade rice for the local market.

The whole project will take around 3 years.

After the first year we will start a production of simple rice. In the second year we will start producing parboiled general rice and at the end of the third year will start producing export quality rice.

Competitive Advantage

It is totally a virgin market there are rice mills but not up to the level we are seeking. There is no real competitor on the market and this makes the proposition unique.

Rationale for the deal

We have the full opportunity to make use this time where we have no competitors but we have to make everything on a large scale. Because if anyone think of that it takes time to build up as per ours and meanwhile we ran on success so that he can’t even see us.

Use of financing

Тhe investment I need to make a huge entry to the market. During the first year we need only $200000 USD to start up with and then after that if investment will be on monthly basis by keeping the profits we get after 2 years.

Opportunity for the investor

I need hands-on investors so only if they see benefit in my proposal. If everything comes according to the plan money back period will be not more than five years and after that I will give him the percentage as per agreement.

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