Packaged Food & Beverage Start Up in India with 50% ROI.

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Food, Beverages, Tabacco
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $250,000
  • ROI: 50% in 3 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Delicious, convenient and healthy grab-and-go food & beverage co. in India. The market for packaged fruit based beverages is INR 27 billion currently.

Our company (name removed by Merar) will be the holding company for the brand Nature Inside; a start-up out of Mumbai, India that will manufacture and import beverages; more precisely; fruit juices, smoothies, flavoured milk as well as various food snack products. The company will strive to create food & beverage products, which will satisfy primarily the following 3 criteria; the food must be; fresh, healthy, and indulgent and most importantly must be available “on-the-go”.

Nature Inside intends to become the premier domestic Food & Beverage brand in India by 2025 by focusing on nutrition, health, wellness and above all exclusive taste. Our objective is to be the leader in indulgent nutrition, health and wellness. We believe that the real trick to success is simplicity; to satisfy the basic consumer needs by finding something that’s tried and true – and to do it better! The company will unwaveringly focus on quality, innovation, differentiation backed by deep consumer insight, world-class R&D and an efficient and responsive supply chain that will help to strengthen its leadership position in the Indian FMCG industry.

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of each and every consumer. To our consumers we promise; worry-free consumption, guilt-free purchase, feel good factor for health and wellness and pure, natural wholesome ingredients from sustainable sources, without any additives, colourings or any of the bad stuff in our products. The company will focus on the urban and semi-urban markets in India with special focus on toddlers, kids, as well as actively and passively healthy consumers. We will strive for relationships with our consumers, employees, suppliers and stakeholder to be as fun; honest, naturally healthy as the products we create.

Target Market
• 15-35 (Males & Females)
• Toddlers and Kids
• Diabetics
• Housewives / Mothers

Competitive Advantage

• 100% ‘nature inside’ pure fruit bottled ‘better-for-you’ beverages
• Healthy, tasty and refreshing experience
• Serve & satisfy the nutrition needs of our customer through the high quality of our products

Please refer to our Roadmap to Differentiation, provided in the attached file.

Rationale for the deal

Nature Inside will be active in the FMCG Food & Beverage sector. We are entering an emerging market with rapid growth potential.

Our brand will launch with 2 variants of 30% fruit juices (or nectars). Please find below the line-up of products planned for the first year and in the foreseeable future.

All our food and beverage brands, regardless of category or eating occasion, should offer consumers not just the best taste and pleasure but also the best nutritional profile in their category, as part of a healthy diet.

First Year:

1. Launching with 3 variants of 30% fruit juice content (or nectar) products in 250ml PET bottles:
a. Mango + Passion Fruit + Mint
b. Strawberry + Banana
c. Orange + Carrot + Ginger

2. Launching 2 variants in 250ml PET bottles 6 months after launch:
a. Green Apple + Green Tea
b. Lemon + Green Tea

Use of financing

Funding will be used to cover operating expenses for the first year of operations.

Opportunity for the investor

We require an investment of 1 Mio. US Dollars and we are offering 20% equity in the company.

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