Private Coffee Label to be Launched in India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

As the number of coffee brands in India is very limited, and the market for the product has good potential, developing a brand name is a wise decision and a profitable one as well.

In this project we have two options.

1. Import coffee from other countries like United States and Brazil, get it packed, give it a brand name and create brand loyalty through quality and advertising.

2. Procure coffee grown in India, process and package it and sell it under a brand name.

Under option 1. we need to import coffee which will be packaged by the exporter under our brand name and design. Cost of good quality coffee ranges from Rs.1000/kg to Rs.5000/kg.

Packaging could be done in 50gm packets, 100gm bottles, 1kg bricks and also some samples for free distribution.

Process 2. requires coffee to be procured from Indian coffee farmers which needs to be processed and then packaged locally.
Another option is acquiring processed coffee and aim at just packaging, distribution and advertisements.

Use of financing

Advertisement cost initially includes building up a website of the product we offer and making it popular through use of social media like Twitter and Facebook and traditional methods like diistribution of pamphlets through local dailies.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for debt investment to start this project.

The project will be highly profitable once the product becomes popular as the demand for premium coffee is ever increasing.

Break even time is expected to be 8-12 months.

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